Unbelievable ! Nigerian Tribe Where Married Women/Wives Are Allowed To Sleep With Male Visitors

In Nigeria, Each ethnic group has its own culture, norms and traditions.There are things that are forbidden in some ethnic groups that may be the norm in another ethnic setting.

I got to know there is an ethnic group in Nigeria, where a male visitor is entertained with the wife of the person he visits in 2011.

What I’m saying is that, a man will give out his wife to his guest to sleep with.

I didn’t know there is anything like that not until when I went for my mandatory one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 2011.

I was posted to Benue State. Inside our orientation camp in Nwanune, a Tiv man came to talk to us about the Tiv ethnic tribe.

There, one of us raised the question and the man confirmed it. He said it is allowed among the Tivs to give their wives to a male guest to sleep with.

But in the same Benue State, we have the Idomas. The Idomas don’t joke with their wives. Any Idoma woman who commits adultery will be killed by Alekwu.

Nigeria is big and our strength is in our diversity. God bless my country.

Credit : Musa Uthman


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