So Sad! April 20 marriage originally set to hold this weekend has been canceled.

In what could be described as a heartbreaking story, a Nigerian man has come out to share the news of the cancellation of his wedding ceremony after his bride to be had a change of mind. 
The groom-to-be identified as Marshall Bernard, shared the sad news with members of the online community in a long and detailed post in which he narrated how his fiancé bailed on him. According to Bernard, he was supposed to send a reminder to everyone that was invited to the ceremony which was set to hold on Saturday, April 20. However, in a twist of event, the wedding was cancelled by his partner on the basis of irreconcilable differences. He added that he made several efforts to get his bride to have a change of mind but his pleas fell on deaf ears. This according to him, made him cry like a baby, and for the sake of the holy spirit he would have done the unthinkable.
On Monday, April 15, I was supposed to do a bulk SMS reminding everyone about my wedding this Saturday, April 20. But on Sunday, April 14, my bride canceled the wedding. Let us just chuck it up on 'irreconcilable differences.' “All efforts to get her to reconsider until 1am last night proved ineffective. I respect her decision, but I wept like a baby. I could have done the unthinkable at midnight yesterday, but there is someone in me, called the Holy Spirit. He would not let me do that. Right now, I am fine, believe me. Bernard further divulged that the incidence had become a nightmare for him because of different people that had been invited to the occasion, especially some who made financial commitments to ensure a colorful event. He used the opportunity to tender his sincere apologies to everyone who scheduled their activities to accommodate the event which is supposed to hold this weekend. Bernard said: “This is an apology to the general public which I have invited to the wedding, some of who have already bought gifts, made flight and hotel reservations, etc. I respect you enough to give this explanation. I am truly sorry for this mess. To my sponsors, I am sorry.”...


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