Fraudulent media misrepresentation targeted against Statutory Local Government Marriage Registries: as the Federal High Court commences hearing to restrain/seal all Federal Marriage Registries from conducting/registration of marriage in Nigeria.
As the Federal High Court in SUIT NO. FHC/L/CS/1760/16 before Justice Obiozor commence the hearing of a matter brought before him by four Local government in Nigeria seeking for a Court Order to seal/stop registration of marriages by the Federal Marriage Registries established under the Federal Ministry of Interior on June 4th 2017, there appears to be a sponsored fraudulent media publication to distract the attention of the Litigants’’ Applicant from the main Suit.
This  distraction is planned to be achieved by misrepresentation of facts in issues to be published in various media outfit and calculated to mislead the General Public to believe that Local Government Marriage Registry have been banned by a ‘court Order’ not to register marriages and that marriages conducted by Local government are illegal.
The publication referred to in a judgment delivered by a Lagos High Court, fraudulently misrepresents the fact that the Court barred Local Governments in Nigeria from registration of marriages when indeed the Court restate that it is Local Government in Nigeria that is empowered to register all types of marriage and that Local Government should register marriage under the Act with Form E  as obtained under the Marriage Act LFN 1990. While acknowledging that marriages issued with documents by the local governments which is not in conformity with form E is held to be legal under Section 34 of the Marriage Act.
The main or only issue that is still a matter of contention on which the Federal controlled/established Marriage Registry claimed is the reason for its power to registered marriage is Item 61 2nd Schedule 1999 Constitution, which claims is a subject before the Federal High Court, the Lagos High Court does not says this item gave the Ministry of Interior power to register marriage but rather re-emphasize that registration of marriage is a Local Government Statutory function.
The fraudulent publication to claim that local government marriages registered are illegal is a  misrepresentation of fact calculated to mislead the public which is not contained in the judgment as obtained from the trial court. The media publications on the judgment delivered is nothing but misleading and a distraction at stopping the Federal Marriage registry from its illegality of registration of marriages in Nigeria.

Office of the Secretary
Dated May 30th 2017


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